About Us

About Us

Chicago's very own indoor Sandbox is finally here!

Kiddy Club was founded by two mothers who are tired of waiting for the weather to change to have a fun and safe place to play for the kids. They set a goal to create an indoor play area that is similar to an outdoor playground, without having to worry about the weather, cleanliness of the sand, and bugs. The two mothers began researching, and they found so many interesting ways to incorporate play with development. Soon, they had a list miles long of activities. With a little bit of magic and sparkles, Kiddy Club began to form.

We want Kiddy Club to be a safe and comfortable environment for all children, and your help is appreciated:

  • Stay on the premises at all times.
  • The children you remain with are your responsibility.
  • Kiddy Club is not responsible for any loss of belongings.
  • Please use our provided lockers.
  • Accompany the children of your care to the bathroom.
  • Only food and drink bought at the cafe are permitted.
  • Teach and encourage your children to follow the rules.
  • The Play structure and Sand Box is for kids only.
  • Loosen up and have fun!

Our Sanbox

Our Sand
  • Non-Toxic Sandtastik Play Sand
  • 100% Natural Product.
  • Contains No Free Microcrystaline Silica.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Sand is washed in buckets and slowly agitated to remove all debris and finally spread out to dry.
  • Safe for Children of All Ages.
  • Approved by the Highest Rating Services as Safe.
  • Carries the Highest Approval Seal for Product Safety.
  • Never Exposed to Animals and Animal Cruelty Free
  • Cleaner than Park or Beach Sand

You can view Certification of Compliance for our Sand here: Certification of Compliance

Rules of Play for Children

In the play areas, please:

  • Take off your socks when entering the sand box.
  • No shoes or socks permitted in the sandbox area
  • Please keep all sand toys in sandbox only
  • Please keep other toys from the playspace out of the sandbox.
  • No throwing or eating sand.
  • Keep in your age group's area.
  • Take your shoes off but leave your socks on.
  • Leave your food and drinks at your table.
  • Remove your jewlery and any sharp objects
  • Make sure your pockets are empty.
  • Keep off the playground netting.
  • Make sure to cover your arms and legs when going down the slide.
  • Go down the slides feet-first.
  • Be aware of the children around you and act kind.
  • Any children behaving disruptevly and/or not following the rules will not be allowed to play.
  • If you have any problems, please tell a playworker.
  • Have fun and explore!

Your Number One Family Fun Center!

Our talented staff and variety of activities will help your children learn what they like and have a great time doing it.

Get in touch with us!

Address: 4314 E New York Street, Aurora, 60504 IL

Phone: 630-229-6247

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